The Yoga Agency was created to fill a gap in the yoga teaching market in Singapore—we are a one-stop solution for clients who are looking for skilled, qualified & dedicated yoga instructor for:
(i) corporate wellness program that includes yoga;

(ii) 1-1 private instruction;

(iii) bespoke wellness events.

We are setting the service standards of yoga instructors who would like to conduct corporate/private classes & events, by defining who is considered a skilled, qualified & dedicated yoga instructor—a coach may posses 20 certificates & not be able to coach effectively; conversely, an effective coach may not have more than 5 certifications yet be able to coach well.

We are also setting the standards of the fee that a skilled, qualified & dedicated yoga instructor should receive for their time & efforts: When you hire an instructor for your project, you are booking 3-hours of their time, as well as for their experience in teaching yoga safely & effectively.

Our yoga instructors have been screened personally by our founder, Patricea Chow. We are the only agency in Singapore that does this, to ensure that our instructors are able to conduct a class capably.

The instructor will be matched according to your project requirements.


Patricea Chow, yoga teacher, movement instructor, nutrition coach, founder, entrepreneur | The Yoga Agency

The Yoga Agency is founded by Patricea Chow, a Singaporean. She started teaching yoga regularly in January 2018: her first engagement was teaching the teachers of a Montessori preschool.

Since then, Patricea's experience with decision makers include the following:

  • They wish to boost staff morale with fitness activities;
  • They wish to provide more wellness options to their clients or staff;
  • They wish to create unique fitness/wellness events but lack the know-how to execute;
  • They desire personalised attention from the yoga teacher.

However, some of the hurdles they face include:

  • Not knowing where to find qualified & responsible yoga instructors;
  • A less than desirable experience in the past with a yoga teacher such as lack of professionalism, disregards client's conditions; no connection with attendees etc.;
  • Disputes in various areas (payment, attendance, contract issues, etc.)

At the same time, as part of a circle of freelance yoga teachers, Patricea saw how qualified & experienced teachers were unable to secure fair-paying teaching assignments, or handle the administrative side of providing a service.

Thus, Patricea set up The Yoga Agency to meet the needs of both clients & yoga teachers. The Yoga Agency is the intermediary between clients & yoga service providers—we will secure yoga teachers for clients, while ensuring that clients pay fair prices for services rendered.

We work with clients who understand the value of the health & wellness benefits provided by yoga, as well as with yoga teachers who have integrity & are committed to giving their best of their knowledge to the project.

Patricea continues to teach at boutique yoga studios that embody these same qualities, as well as with private clients, small groups (up to 4 persons), and for corporate programs.

Patricea's coaching qualifications & experience include:

  • 200-hr YTTC from Yoga Vidya Gurukul, founded by Yogacharya Dr Vishwas Mandlik
  • 25-hr Basic Yin Yoga by Yin Yoga in Asia
  • 8-hr Aromatherapy Yoga by Young Living
  • More than 530-hours of teaching since becoming a yoga teacher in December 2017
  • Certified First Aid Responder + CPR AED

Patricea is also a:

  • Editor, writer, copywritier specialising in wellness, nutrition, hospitality & lifestyle since 1999. Clients include Pure & Well (Jay Gee Health), Nuzest Singapore, Raffles Quay Asset Management.